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Top 10 tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is the top 10 tourist attractions in and around the Bangkok area, it features famous temples, river trips, palaces and streets you must visit to see the best of Bangkok.

I went to Angkor Wat - it blew my mind!

I spent a day in Angkor Wat exploring the temples and structures in the national park near Siam Reap, Cambodia, and it was amazing.

The size and scale of the park and the temple complex's are beyond belief, a true wonder of the world. The entire park is a UNESCO world heritage site but you can still walk around, explore and touch history.

Enjoy my video and you will see what I mean and if you get the chance go and see it for yourself, one for the bucket list.

A visit to The death railway museum, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

I am a fan of military history and in particular World War 2. I spent some time in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (2 hours weat of Bangkok) some time ago, to look at the famous bridge on the river Kwai and to see the military graveyards in the area. I also spent some time in this museum, which was quite interesting.

One of my favorite hotels in Bangkok.

Let me start by saying, I loved this hotel, the location, the room, the view, the facilities and right over one of my favorite shopping centers in Bangkok - everything was great.

I will admit not a cheap hotel and my particular room was expensive but oh so good, well worth a night or two if you are in Bangers.

Have a look at my video and let me know if you stayed here and your thoughts on this hotel. I will put up the night views and the breakfast buffet from this hotel in the next video for you to have a look

Part 2 of the above review, all the nice extra's!

As promised in my last vide, here is the facilities, night views and breakfast details from my recent stay in the Grande Centre point hotel Terminal 21, Asoke, Bangkok, Thailand.

A mid priced gem? KTK hotel & residence, Pattaya, Thailand

A great little hotel for the Pattaya area, slightly off the beaten track it is located east of second road and north of Klang (central road) but is in a good location once you get your bearings, close enough to everything but not too loud or busy at night when you want to sleep.

My visit to S-21 (Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This is certainly one of the most thought provoking places I ever visited but it must be seen to understand the history of Cambodia. Thankfully Cambodia has moved forward from these dark times and is now a country on the rise, looking towards the future. I will never forget my visit here.

World's best Airline? Qatar Airways Doha to Dublin in Economy (2023)

My last flight of previous trip from Doha, Qatar to Dublin, Ireland with Qatar Airways. I had booked a business class seat but due to the previous flight running late out of Bangkok, I missed my flight and had to get the next flight in the morning, there were no business seats so I had to move back to economy. I am still waiting on the refund almost 3 months later - some customer service. You can see how good the flight was in the video 👍

LK Metro Hotel, Pattaya - 2023 revisit & hotel review

The LK Metro hotel is located on Soi Diana in Pattaya, Thailand. It is right beside the LK metro nightlife area, a 2 minute walk.

The hotel itself is good but showing it's age in places.

Some things I liked: Clean comfortable firm bed, Good Wi-Fi and TV and

AC units all worked well

Things I did not like: Poor view, White silicone on all repairs and Dodgy electrical work.

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