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Austria Resource

Offical Austria travel guide

Lonley planet guide to Austria

Rough guide to Austria

World travel guide to Austria

Phone numbers:

Fire service - 122

Gas emergency - 128

Police - 133

Alpine rescue - 140

Emergency call - 144

Cambodia Resources

Tripadvisor travel advice page

Lonely planet guide to Cambodia

UK Government Cambodia travel advice

Australian government travel advice

Phone Numbers:

012 942 484 - Tourism Police Phnom Penh

012 402 424 - Tourist Police Siem Reap

118 - Fire and Police Phnom Penh

119 - Ambulance Phnom Penh

China Resources

Lonely planet travel guide to China

China highlights travel guide

UK Government China travel advice

Australian government travel advice

Phone numbers:

Police - 110

Ambulance - 120

Fire service - 119

Traffic police - 122

France Resource

Lonely planet guide to France

Rough guides to France

Explore France

UK Government France travel advice

Phone Numbers:

Pan European emergencies - 112

Police - 13 from French phone

Medical - 15 from French phone

Fire - 18 from French phone

Germany Resource

German Government travel site

Lonely planet guide to Germany

World travel guide to Germany

A rough guide to Germany

Phone numbers:

Ambulance & fire service - 112

Police - 110

Greece Resource

Rough guide to Greece

Lonely planet guide to Greece

Offical guide to Greece

World travel guide to Greece

Phone numbers:

Police - 100

Tourist Police - (+30) 2310554874

Fire - 199

Ambulance - 166

Hong Kong Resource

Offical travel guide to Hong Kong

Lonely planet guide to Hong Kong

Travel and Leisure guide to Hong Kong travel guide to Hong Kong

Phone numbers:

Emergency services - 999

Police Hotline: +852 2527 7177

Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Hotline: +852 2508 1234

Italy Resources

Lonely planet guide to Italy

The rough guide to Italy

Rick Steins (Chef) guide to Italy

The Times Uk guide to Italy

Phone numbers:

National emergency - 112

Ambulance - 118

Fire department - 115

Police - 113

Japan Resource

The offical Japan guide

Lonely planet guide to Japan

World travel guide to Japan

Tokyo travel guide

Phone numbers:

Police - 110

Fire/ Ambulance - 119

Hospital info - (03) 5285-8181

Japan helpline - 0570-000-911

Malaysia Resources

Lonely planet guide Malaysia

Rough guides to Malaysia

UK Government Thailand travel advice

Australian government travel advice

Phone Numbers:

Police and ambulance - 999

Fire - 994

KL Tourist Police - 03-21496590

Civil defense - 991

Mexico Resource

Lonely planet guide

A Rough guide to Mexico

World travel guide to Mexico

National Geographic guide to Mexico

Phone numbers:

National emergency no - 911

Tourist Police -  +52 55 4891 1166 (Whatsapp), or +52 55 5207 4155

Portugal Resources

Offical travel guide

Rough guide to Portugal

Portugal travel guide

Lonely planet guide to Portugal

Phone numbers:

Emergency services - 112

Health line 24 - 808 24 24 24

Russia Resources

World travel guide to Russia

Rough guide to Russia

National geographic guide to Russia

Offical travel guide to Russia

Phone numbers:

Fire service - 01

Police - 02

Ambulance - 03

Spainish Resources

Lonely planet guide

Spanish government travel guide

World travel guides to Spain

UK Government travel advice

Phone Numbers:

Pan European emergencies - 112

Ambulance - 061

Fire brigade - 080

National Police - 091

Local Police - 092

Thailand Resources

The tourism authority of Thailand

Lonely planet guide to Thailand

UK Government Thailand travel advice

Australian government travel advice

Phone Numbers:

1155 - Tourism Police

199 - Fire Service

191 - Police

1669 - Ambulance

Turkey Resources

Turkish government tourist advice

Lonley planet guide to Turkey

The rough guide to Turkey

Turkey travel planner

Phone numbers:

Police - 155

Ambulance - 112

Fire - 110

Tourism Police - +90 212 527 4503

United Kingdom (UK) Resources

Lonely planet guide to UK

The Times newspaper guide to UK travel

Rick Steins (Chef) guide to UK

World travel guide

Phone numbers:

All emergency services - 999 or 112

USA Resources

Rough guides travel guide to USA

National Geographic USA travel guide

USA Offical travel guide

Lonely planet travel guide

Phone Numbers:

All emergency services - 911

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