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LK Metropole - A nice hotel that has seen better days.

The LK Metropole is like so many hotels in Thailand these days, showing it's age badly.

This was, at one time a fantastic grand hotel with big lobby, fine well kept rooms and a staff of thousands.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone, the LK is looking like an old, unkept relic. The rooms are old, the bed and bedding is old and the toilets are really showing their age.

The location is still great on Soi Diana, I am glad to say.

I still like the LK metropole, even though the view from my balcony left a lot to be desired but the lack of investment, management and maintenance are plain to see.

I often wonder if they hire kids in to do the maintenance work?? There was white silicone used to fix and cover everything - the coffee table, the bathroom toilets, the

What can I say, good location, indifferent staff, old rooms - there are better hotels available in the area.

My old video for LK Metropole (new one to follow soon):

LK Metropole room - The travel man