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Kingston Suites, Bangkok -

I had the misfortune to stay in this hotel recently for one night (I was due to stay two but cut my losses after one) it was a poor experience.

Firstly , the good news, the staff were friendly and chatty, the location was very good.

The big problem here was the suite itself which was very poor:

The front door was damaged, it looked like someone had forced it open before I got there.

The TV in the sitting room worked Ok but there was a lack of English channels.

The kitchen presses were falling apart and not clean.

The AC kind of worked but had black mould around it, and there was only one controller for both AC units (the remote did not work so well)

The bathroom was mouldy and the paint work was starting to crack and break apart.

The bedroom had the same issues, the AC did not work very well and leaked water onto the carpet.

The carpet was dirty and needed a good clean.

The TV in the bedroom did not work as it had no decoder or aerial attached.

The window was filthy and faced another building.

The bedroom had a serious mosquito problem, I killed two the first evening there but I still had 6 or 7 bite marks the next morning.

The breakfast buffet was very poor, small selection of low quality items.

I left after one night and went to a good hotel.

I am sorry to say this is one place to be avoided in Bangkok.

See my Youtube video here about it:

Suite in Kingston suites, Bangkok - The Travel Man