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The travel man in Bangkok

About Me

My name is Ronan and I am the travel man. I have been obsessed about travel, planes and food all my life.

I have travelled all over Europe and North America but my favorite part of the world is South East Asia, I have completed almost 30 trips in 20 years.

I have spent a lot of time in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

Enjoy my videos, reviews and recommendations.

What can I do for you?

If you are thinking of travelling to South East Asia, particularly Thailand.

You can talk to me directly on zoom to get all the latest travel advice and find out all the tips and tricks needed to have a great holiday.

I will also tell you about the scams and tricks that are played on tourists in Thailand,

So, you can be safe and happy.

My books are available to buy below,

and all my Youtube videos are ready for you to watch!

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I have included some free travel advice sheets below, just for you!

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My Hotel Reviews

I spent a weekend in the Lansdowne hotel in Belfast recently, and it was pretty good!
Hello everyone,I recently had the pleasure of staying at this well-placed hotel situated on the Antrim Road, just around 3 miles away from the vibrant Belfast city center. The location is ideal - central yet reasonably priced, striking a perfect bala...
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A good week in KTK Royal residence. A hidden gem.
Hi guys,I stayed in the KTK residence in Pattaya, early in December. I must say I really liked it, I had some doubts about it when I booking it, as it is a bit older and looks a bit out of the ordinary as hotel rooms go. But after a few days I really...
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A great hotel in Bangkok, nice location, excellent suites, friendly staff, what more could you ask for?
Hi guys,I spend a few nights in the Grande centre point hotel, Ploenchit on Wireless road, Bangkok.This is a very nice hotel, quick check-in, friendly staff, great reception area, free drinks available all day.The breakfast buffet was excellent, many...
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Hope land hotel pool
Hope Land Hotel & Residence Sukhumvit 8, Bangkok, Thailand
The Hope land hotel on soi 8, Bangkok. This was a bit of a mixed bag really, the room was Ok but the TV was poor (not many English channels), the Wifi was good. The Klicken was nice but there was nothing in it to use. The sofa was uncomfortable but t...
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Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 - A fantastic hotel in a great location but a bit pricey.
I stayed in a grand suite room on the 21st floor, in the grande center point terminal 21 which was excellent, a sitting room/ kitchen/ dining area and a bedroom, both rooms had an outstanding view of the Asoke Sukhumvit intersection and the surroundi...
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Kingston Suites, Bangkok -
I had the misfortune to stay in this hotel recently for one night (I was due to stay two but cut my losses after one) it was a poor experience.Firstly , the good news, the staff were friendly and chatty, the location was very good.The big problem her...
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LK Metropole - A nice hotel that has seen better days.
The LK Metropole is like so many hotels in Thailand these days, showing it's age badly.This was, at one time a fantastic grand hotel with big lobby, fine well kept rooms and a staff of thousands.Unfortunately, those days are long gone, the LK is...
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